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Happy New Year

Little-Rena responds:

Happy new year!

funny stuff. loved it

Horsenwelles responds:

that's the one

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I first discovered NG back in 2002. This was around the time that games were still fairly basic. Not a lot of what you would see today in terms of flash games however the games were still fun.

This game (while everything was good from the animation to the simple but yet still fun gameplay) makes me sad. The end of flash feels like the end of an era that has been around since the late 90's. I know NG will still be around but I just can't help but to shake the feeling the internet as a whole is going to feel a bit different. Perhaps even colder.

Goodbye flash.

molkman responds:

Yeah probs. Flash is what got us into animation / games in the first place. We owe it so much

Last years game was good. This years game was EPIC and having the mini games and murder mystery was also a big plus. I also like the calendar feature as it allows people a chance to catch some medals they might have missed.

Whoever made the DIE HARD parody entry is a God among men.

GeoKureli responds:

The Die Hard piece was by the talented @mixmuffin . You can visit their profile by clicking the bottom box in image view mode

How many of you cringed when the girlfriend looked more lifelike compared to the main character?

Also 30 years for killing his girlfriend? Pfft I'd have given him 30 years for that blank ass stare he has. Also notice how his eyes are far apart and forehead slopes clearly the main character in this game has some sort of down syndrome.

This is bad and you should feel bad.

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I like it make it a flash with other stations just as good as this 1

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I think your fetting off to a good start. Don't listen to what others think just do what feels right and you will eventually be on the front page.

Slirun responds:

i know right she's pretty XD


Books about me are way too thick.

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