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I first discovered NG back in 2002. This was around the time that games were still fairly basic. Not a lot of what you would see today in terms of flash games however the games were still fun.

This game (while everything was good from the animation to the simple but yet still fun gameplay) makes me sad. The end of flash feels like the end of an era that has been around since the late 90's. I know NG will still be around but I just can't help but to shake the feeling the internet as a whole is going to feel a bit different. Perhaps even colder.

Goodbye flash.

molkman responds:

Yeah probs. Flash is what got us into animation / games in the first place. We owe it so much

Last years game was good. This years game was EPIC and having the mini games and murder mystery was also a big plus. I also like the calendar feature as it allows people a chance to catch some medals they might have missed.

Whoever made the DIE HARD parody entry is a God among men.

GeoKureli responds:

The Die Hard piece was by the talented @mixmuffin . You can visit their profile by clicking the bottom box in image view mode

How many of you cringed when the girlfriend looked more lifelike compared to the main character?

Also 30 years for killing his girlfriend? Pfft I'd have given him 30 years for that blank ass stare he has. Also notice how his eyes are far apart and forehead slopes clearly the main character in this game has some sort of down syndrome.

This is bad and you should feel bad.

Went into this game not knowing what to expect. What I left with was something wonderful. I like the gameplay (simple but more dialog driven) and the visual is beautiful. I also like as you get closure to the end the screen becomes darker. I think that was an amazing touch.

The message behind this game I think is very good as well. When we hear these comments sometimes it feels like our world gets darker.......... we need to always try to keep our head up though.

Awesome game and 5 stars well deserved.

Gotta say the graphics, audio (both in sound effects, voice acting and music), the gameplay and the story are always very enjoyable to experience. This was no different in that regard.

My only complaint is that Reincarnation hasn't been picked up as an animated series by a major broadcasting company. I mean I would love to see that darn cat just ice someone on a weekly basis.

LiLg responds:

I haven't been approached by the right company yet.

Fun game but seriously how do I get the last medal? I get it has something to do with the marker but tried everything I can think of. A clue?

jacklehamster responds:

I'll post a solution soon.

A Marine.... oorah!

Badran responds:


Hi.. thank you for reviewing my game either good or bad. I'm here to tell you I'm not going to update the game as of now but I moved on onto book writing. Since you like my game the book I have on amazon kindle is titled "The manly man manliest manual" if you liked my game you'll surely love the book.

It will be available for free download from June 1 - 5 please download, read and review. Your feedback is very appreciated.

Here is the link https://www.amazon.com/Manly-Man-Manliest-Manual-ManMan/dp/1981096329/

and remember , stay manly

Got all the medals including getting all coins. For those of you curious how to get it...... You're going to remain curious. Great game and love the premise. Keep up the great work.

Despite what people are saying about the audio I rather enjoyed it. The gameplay was fun and while at times hard it wasn't too hard to push me away from completing the game. The story was interesting as well.

Played the game. Beat it and loved it. Make more with more levels and a story. Only complaints is that add the WASD option for controls and also a ending. It just saying again is fine but need a story. Overall fun game.

Books about me are way too thick.

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